Pay via Credit Cards (Indirect via Amazon)

Visit the Amazon Razer Gold Gift Card Product page and Pay via Credit Card Indirectly

Buy Razer Gold Gift Card (U.S.) via (Copy and Paste the link in a browser)


Follow these Steps:

1. Select a Razer Gold Gift Card Value to pay:

30 Days Premium Code: $40.00
90 Days Premium Code: $100.00
180 Days Premium Code: $150.00 ($100 + $50, total send 2 Cards)
365 Days Premium Code: $200.00 ($100 + $100, total send 2 Cards)

2.Enter our Email as receiver:


3.Enter your Information as buyer:

From: Write Your Email in this format: = example-gmail-com
Message: Write Your First Name and Last Name

4. Click “Buy Now” and continue the payment via your Amazon account.